Scaffold Hitch – How to Tie the Scaffold Hitch – How to Suspend a Plank with Rope 🛠

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Scaffold Hitch – How you can Tie the Scaffold Hitch – How you can Droop a Plank with Rope 🛠

The Scaffold Hitch is an excellent easy approach of suspending a plank with the rope. The scaffold Hitch can be tied on the tip of a wood dowel.

One drawback that I see with the scaffold Hitch is that the Hitch might slip off the tip of the plank, if the plank is definitely tilted at an angle. Possibly by slicing ridges into the wood plank, would cut back potential slippage?

In my demonstration of how one can tie the scaffold Hitch, I present the finished mixture of knots utilizing the bowline. Nonetheless, the scaffold Hitch might be completed off together with your favorite knot.

I wish to thank the Surrey department of the Worldwide Guild of Knot Tyers for his or her diagram of how one can tie the scaffold hitch.

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