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ICMP is used because the web protocol for management and troubleshooting. This video will take a look at how the ICMP protocol works in IPv6 and likewise numerous command line instruments that make the most of ICMP. These instruments are invaluable to the administrator in troubleshooting and supporting their community.

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00:14 Web Management Message Protocol or ICMP gives error and management data that’s utilized by the web protocol. ICMP makes use of datagrams to ship messages on the community. Datagrams are unreliable. This implies, ICMP will not be checked to see if it arrives on the vacation spot. For instance, similar to sending a letter within the submit, you can’t be certain if the message reaches the vacation spot. ICMP is routable on the web and used for such duties as testing if a node is responsive on the community. If the node will not be reachable, ICMP is used to search out the place the issue is. In IPv6 router commercials are despatched with ICMP. Lots of troubleshooting instruments use ICMP.

01:00 The IPConfig command doesn’t use any ICMP message. It as a substitute, reads the community configuration of the pc and shows it to the administrator. IPConfig is a good command for the administrator to rapidly discover out the community configuration of the pc. This command is often run firstly of the troubleshooting course of to search out out the essential details about the pc just like the IP Tackle and DNS servers.

Every community adapter within the pc shall be displayed in a separate part. The next configuration could also be displayed.
Connection particular DNS suffix: An administrator is ready to configure a DNS suffix for every community adapter. That is configured within the superior TCP/IP settings. If no connection particular DNS suffix is configured, the area suffix shall be used.
IPv6 Tackle: That is the IPv6 handle being utilized by the community adapter.
Hyperlink-local IPv6 Tackle: This IP Tackle is assigned routinely to the adapter. It’s used for communication on the native community. For instance, neighbor discovery makes use of this handle. On the finish of the handle is a % adopted by a quantity. That is the zone index quantity. It’s used to establish the adapter.
Default gateway: That is the IP Tackle that site visitors shall be despatched to for distant networks. On this case instance, the handle used within the hyperlink native handle of the router. Both a unicast or hyperlink native handle can be utilized. This comes all the way down to administrator choice.

By default, there’s a community adapter known as ISATAP. This shall be listed as disconnected until the administrator configures it and it is ready to set up a connection. ISATAP is a transition protocol that enables IPv6 networks to speak with one another when they’re separated by an IPv4 community.

There will even be a piece known as Teredo. Teredo is a transition expertise that enables IPv4 solely computer systems to speak on the IPv6 web. It’s enabled by default, however does require some configuration earlier than it would begin working.

IPConfig /All | extra
04:10 To acquire extra detailed community details about the pc and community adapters, the administrator can add the slash all change. This may show much more data, so to stop the data from scrolling up the display screen “| Extra” might be added to the top. This may pause the output when the display screen is full.

See http://itfreetraining.com/ipv6/icmpv6 for the remainder of this video’s description. This is just one video from the numerous free programs obtainable on YouTube.

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Coach: Austin Mason http://ITFreeTraining.com
Voice Expertise: HP Lewis http://hplewis.com
Companion Doc: Phillip Guld https://philguld.com
Video Manufacturing: Kevin Luttman http://www.KevinLuttman.com


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