Fallout: New Vegas VR Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why

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I just lately learnt Fallout New Vegas could possibly be become Fallout: New Vegas VR. Was it value it? Nicely, no. Probably not. As anticipated it is an absolute nightmare, and here is why.

Fallout: New Vegas is maybe my all time favorite sport, I assumed VR might solely make it higher, turning the Mojave into an enormous 3D world to discover, and with working mods, what could possibly be higher? Watch out what you would like for.

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Perhaps with a number of mods it is satisfactory. These mods take away a whole lot of the incompatibility encountered when turning a non-VR sport VR,
however with all of the compromises and lack of hand assist it’s lacking what makes VR so interesting to me. It is debatable whether or not or not that is as dangerous as Fallout four VR was on it is first day launch

Till Fallout 76 comes out this’ll be the final of the Fallout stuff for now, saying that if I get the beta it could be the subsequent video!

An enormous thanks to HBomberGuy (who made, amongst many different superb movies, “Fallout three is Rubbish and Here is Why”) he mainly what impressed the complete nightmare sequence.

His stuff is right here:


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