ASMR – Chipotle – Chicken Burrito Dripped With Cheese Sauce (No Talking)

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Hello everybody! Right now I am consuming a rooster burrito from Chipotle. Their burritos are at all times humongous! I am placing cheese sauce on high of it as a result of cheese at all times makes the whole lot style higher. I hope ya take pleasure in this video. Should you like what you see/hear then please make sure you subscribe for extra movies. Have an attractive day!

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* Lipstick I am sporting is Sephora’s 01 All the time Crimson liqiud lipstick.

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*Mic I am utilizing is Blue Yeti.
*Digital camera I take advantage of is Canon G7 Markii

****That is an ASMR video. For the perfect sounds please put on headphones. Thanks.****

What’s ASMR?
ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, it describes a sense of euphoric tingling and leisure that may come over somebody when she or he watches sure movies or hears sure sounds.
ASMR doesnโ€™t work for everybody and it may be robust to think about the feeling if you happen to donโ€™t expertise it first-hand. For most individuals who do expertise it, the blissful tingling begins up within the scalp after which makes its manner by means of the physique to the legs and arms. And consequently, it may well set off a sense of leisure.


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