Ask an Autistic #2 – What is Passing?

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What’s “passing”? Ought to Autistic kids be inspired to attempt to cross as neurotypical? Why do Autistic adults select to cross? What are the results of passing? Wherein conditions is passing useful? Ought to I forestall my youngster from stimming or participating in stereotypically autistic behaviours? Solutions to all of those questions and extra on this episode of Ask an Autistic!

Info on intense world concept and Autism:

Extra info on how discouraging stimming and the observe of “quiet fingers” harms Autistic people:
A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or Why “Quiet Hands” Makes Math Harder)
The High Cost of Self-Censoring (or why stimming is a good thing)
Quiet Hands
The Obsessive Joy Of Autism

Loud Hands: My Flapping Kid Is Really Okay

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The monitor used on this video was “Like Music” by pheraph


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